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About Andrea Weber, LAc

           Andrea Weber, L.Ac., M.Ac.O.M.

I am a healer
I, Andrea Weber, diplomat of Oriental Medicine, graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine where I established a strong foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I gained extensive clinical experience while training at the OCOM Clinic, and Quest Center where I excelled at treating a variety of complex internal medicine patients, patients with pain of acute or chronic nature, patients at various stages of cancer, and those with addictions utilizing acupuncture, massage, and herbs.  I have worked in Oregon College of Oriental Medicine's Herbal Dispensary preparing herbal formulas, managing patent medicines, and fielding questions from outside practitioners, interns, and the public.  I have studied many additional specialty areas in Japanese acupuncture including moxa and ion pumping cords, Shonishin Japanese Pediatric technique, Shiatsu for treating the Extraordinary meridians, Tuina for Children, Foot Reflexology, Facial Rejuvenation, Sotai and Koshi Balancing, and Flower Essences.  I am trained and certified in Toyohari Japanese style acupuncture.  I have recently completed training in a technique developed in 1983 called NAET, or Nambudripdad's Allergy Elimination Technique.  I personally went through the treatments in NAET, as did my son with excellent results that eliminated our food sensitivities.  Now knowing the system works, I am able to offer this treatment technique to my patients.

I am dedicated
I aim to offer my patients compassionate, comprehensive natural medical care.  My passion lies in educating my patients to make optimal, healthy lifestyle changes through building awareness and wellness.  I listen to my patients' needs and concerns and partner with them in developing a treatment plan along with being a refuge of support.
I am an educator
Having been a teacher for 15 years, my journey into Chinese and Japanese Medicine will enable me to continue teaching by empowering others to have health and well-being through self-healing and awareness.  This is what Chinese Medicine has done for me.   Through the questions on intake one becomes more aware and present as to what signs their body is conveying.  As a practitioner I can help you to interpret and understand those signs so that you are empowered to work together with me to create your balance for optimum health.  In today's busy world
we are so connected in to the bigger outside, that we have disconnected with ourselves.  Our body is an amazing design of cooperation and internal intelligence.  Often many of the symptoms you are experiencing can all be traced back to the same root cause.  This simple and ancient method of healing naturally brings your body to a healthy state of balance.  Through the reconnection to self, you can become a better listener and be more aware of yourself, you can become well within!

I am a parent
I am a mom of two wonderful boys, and have always worked with children.  I have a passion to bring this medicine to our youth so that they can experience lifelong health.  I have seen this in my children as they have experienced Chinese Medicine.  They are connected into their bodies and have a greater understanding of the effects of their choices on their health.  In the classroom I tried to instill this in my students and their families, but too often they felt they had no power, that their health just happened to them and had to be reacted to.  The simplicity of learning points to touch and massage, foods that can heal, and the power of simple breathing techniques is profound and available to everyone at any age and situation.  I can teach you these techniques so that it can be done outside of an appointment, and will greatly improve what I am able to do for you when we are together for a treatment appointment.  Together we can achieve a preventative state of health, rather than a reactionary one. 

I am here for you
This medicine is life-changing and I look forward to partnering with you in the process of you becoming your best you.