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Patient Reviews

So what do patients have to say about their experience with acupuncture at Well Within?

"I highly recommend Andrea for those seeking to venture into the world of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for the first time (as well as for those who have experienced these therapies already).  Andrea is a dedicated professional with a soothing manner and a gentle touch.  I sought out Andrea's services after suffering a neck and back injury in an automobile accident.  While the physical therapy my physician prescribed was helpful, it was Andrea's administration of acupuncture and other non needling therapies that really seemed to get to the root of the problem.  She was so gentle when inserting and removing the acupuncture needles that I hardly noticed the needles were there (even the needle in the top of my skull!).  I have recommended Andrea to others and will not hesitate to do so again in the future." 
-Megan in Portland, Oregon

"Was in constant pain but Andrea has helped me become a new woman!  Thanks for the treatments.  I have a life again!

-S. in Gresham, Oregon

"Andrea's approach to acupuncture is of a very friendly nature. Those with a fear of needles will find her style reassuring and very comfortable. I would highly recommend her."